Monday, August 8, 2011

W3 Together

Yellow Monday.

When we were together.
Most of the questions in my mind
Is always why are we here and where do we go
If there is one thing that you forgo, it was me and our memories

All of these moments , find there way into my dreams at night
And I know they'll be gone.

See you tomorrow night.


  1. love the poetry.

    And the photo...that wasp is almost camouflaged.

    HIDDEN SAND DOLLAR and more ...Happy Monday.

  2. A terrific shot. I like the raindrops on the leaves.

  3. thats a very lovely poem, it seems like in every line has its own meaning and I love the picture too, so stunning mine is up and its here thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

  4. kanindot ani nga it! thanks for dropping by...:)