Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love you dad!

   I think I heard the father cacao telling this to his son.

  That's me when I was young, capable and indefatigable, with power and might. Those are the days, and all 
  those things can be perished by time, that's why I'm telling you this words of enlightenment for you to
  discover things and live a happy life, for it is better than to have the wealth of an ignorant. Live your dreams
  and believe. Love your work and work your love. Do the things that makes you happy and makes you a
  better person.

  I can't wait to see what your future holds, the joys and challenges that await you, the legacy your life will

  I hope you will enjoy your journey as much as I am.
 You might outgrew my lap, but never in my heart son,
 You're still my son shine.


  1. ayo... salamat kaayo sa laag.. my dear claro... katong imung question on Adsense... di ko katubag ato kay si google ray nakabalo nganu? sorry gyud... salamat sa laag.

    ps... you're photo looks cool.. join ka memes..
    Monday - yellow mellow monday
    Tuesday - Ruby Tuesday
    Wednesday - watery wednesday
    Thursday - nostalgia
    Friday - Skywatch ... etc.. search lang sa rules unsaon... aron mexpose imung skill...

  2. salamat maam!! unsa ng meme?traffic source? isubmit nko? ahy si mr.google, di ko pasudlon, I've been trying many times. pero gna search nako unsaon, maybe need more time pa kay bago pa cguro.hahaha..salamat kaau maam. mamistaka. tsk3.